Crumbs of 2012


So 2012 has been and gone, and the New Year is here. Huh-flippin-rah . I’m sorry to say this but, quite¬†frankly, you¬†2012, were somewhat of a let down. Don’t misunderstand, we did have some good times at the start; we had some fun, did stuff together, had a few laughs. But then things started to turn sour, didn’t they. And by the end you were pushing my buttons on a daily basis. In short, you turned out to be a bit of a git. And after such a promising courtship… so sad.

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Par for the course (…and a horse!)


Urgh. It’s been a rough couple of months :(. Well, you guys know, I’ve not been having that great a time of it recently. And I’ll admit, I’ve been feeling pretty sorry for myself as a result. But Christmas is here – yay! – and I have a long break from work for the first time in years – double yay! – so things are looking up, at least for the next few weeks :).

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