Happy Birthday blog!

Today, my lovely little blog is one year old! Happy birthday cup-let.com :D. Man, time really has flown! Admittedly, it probably would have gone a lot quicker if I had been posting on a more regular basis, but let’s not focus on that, hmm?

It really doesn’t seem that long ago that I was cramming my brain with bits and bobs of HTML and CSS, in an attempt to build a teensy website of my very own.  And it was by far the most infuriating, head-scratchingly restless two weeks I’ve ever had! Working on it before work, at work, after work. Thinking about it in the bath, in the car, out on a run, in my sleep! I became a slave to the blessed thing. It was ridiculous! But, in the reflective glow of a year’s worth of blogging, it was definitely a worthwhile ridiculous 🙂

There have been highs (surely my take on the Twelve Days of Christmas for last years Marcothon challenge; that was epic!), there have been lows (my recent two month post-op blog blackout :() and then there has been the just plain weird (llama trekking anyone? 😉 ). But it’s been a fun year! I’ve loved writing about my little adventures, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them just as much 🙂

So, happy birthday, silly little blog.  I look forward to celebrating the next!  Now, anyone for another slice of cake…? 😉

1 thought on “Happy Birthday blog!

  1. Happy Birthday blog, this year has flown by with lot’s of adventures for the Cuplet. Hopefully with even more exciting (if possible) activities for the year ahead xx

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