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Crumbs of 2012


So 2012 has been and gone, and the New Year is here. Huh-flippin-rah . I’m sorry to say this but, quite frankly, you 2012, were somewhat of a let down. Don’t misunderstand, we did have some good times at the start; we had some fun, did stuff together, had a few laughs. But then things started to turn sour, didn’t they. And by the end you were pushing my buttons on a daily basis. In short, you turned out to be a bit of a git. And after such a promising courtship… so sad.

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Getting my skates on

Getting my skates on

Ah December, what a contrary month you are.  Your dark, freezing mornings (and equally dark, freezing rest-of-the-day!) leave me with a severe case of the S.A.Ds, and wishing I were a hibernatory creature, so that I could curl myself up in a warm, snuggly spot until the spring. But then you lure me out of your gloom with oh so many pretty, shiny lights! You offer me presents, and tell me its more than okay to stuff my face with chocolate at every available opportunity. You make frosty mornings and snowfalls seem idyllic and playful, and I’m sucked in every time. Until, that is, I take my first skipped steps into your wintry wonderland, and remember that it’s flippin’ freezin’ out there, and I don’t like the cold! You’re a sly month, December. A very sly month. And I’m never quite sure what to make of you. But I do know this… I love Christmas :D.

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