On the final day of Marcothon…

this Cuplet gave to thee…
31 runs completed
30 washes of run kit
29 times round the-Woking
28 sports drinks-drunken
27 wildlife sightings
26 “Morning!” greetings
25 minutes-o-running
24 santa’d joggers
23 songs-a-looping
22 chocs-a-gobbled
21 unwrapped pressies
20 legs-a-leaden
19 muddy puddles
18 obscure brusies
17 unsure moments
16 failed excuses
15 fogged up glasses
14 near collisions
13 cluster headaches
12 ditches sidestepped
11 people pointing
10 toes-a-frozen
9 painful stretches
8 winds-a-gusting
7 chums-a-cheering
6 joints-a-creaking
5 running tweeeeeeeets
4 shooting cramps
3 stit-ches
2 poorly tums
And a Cuplet with-a VERY big tree

It’s the 31st of December… and… I’ve just finished my last run for Marcothon!
I’VE DONE IT!!! My Marcothon challenge is complete. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

Phew! That was some month! Congrats to everyone who took part and managed to stay the course :D. It sure was a toughie, huh?!

So how did my Marcothon go? I’m sure you’ve been glued to my posts on the blog – all three of you that read the blog that is. But here’s a quick round up of the facts and figures. Running a minimum of 25 minutes a day, every day, for 31 days. I’ve worked out I’ve spent just short of 900 minutes, or 15 hours, running. That sounds impressive, doesn’t it :). I’ve averaged about 4k for most of my runs, with a handful of 5ks thrown in there too, and I even managed to bag a 10k on my final run – my first since 2010!  In total, I’ve covered 139k (about 86 miles). Which is the equivalent of running from my house in Surrey to my old house in Northampton, and a bit more! And that’s just plain ridiculous.

And how do I feel after my month of running (remember, before this I hadn’t done any exercise for 2 months, post marathon recovery and all)? Um, I feel frickin’ knackered is how I feel! My legs are seesawing between being heavy as lead or wobbly as jelly, which makes for a highly entertaining ministry of silly walks for anyone who see’s me. You gotta give the public something, right? I’m not really sure if I’m feeling any fitter; I guess having picked up scores of bugs and the return of the hellish cluster-headaches during the month didn’t help. And given the incredible distances and times my fellow marcothoners have been tweeting about on @themarcothon , I can’t help but feel a little like the runt of the group. Not at all to detract from their amazing achievements during the challenge though – Team Marcothon are one heck of an inspiring bunch of pavement pounders and off-road runners! I may not have been able to match the miles they put in (and man did they put in some miles!), but those guys kept me motivated when I was ill, or tired, or it was cold, or I was just feeling plain lazy. But I think I’m allowed to be a teeny bit selfish here too. If I hadn’t yanked myself out of the house everyday I wouldn’t be sitting here now, rubbing my poor little leggies, and telling you all about my running triumph. Wait. Is triumph too strong…? Nah. I’ve just run every day in the coldest, darkest month of the year for crying out loud! I can say whatever I want :).

So let me sum up. I’m glad I took part. I’m glad I completed it. And I’m glad it’s over 🙂 But whatever will I blog about now?! Uh-oh. I feel a new challenge coming on. Watch this space…

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