Street Wars

I am walking down the street, carrying bags. A LOT of bags. Bags slung over my shoulders. Bags in both my hands. Bags heavy laden with all manner of bulky stuffs. Basically, I am more bag than person. You are walking down the street, carrying no bags. Not a single one. You’re walking with a friend. Your friend has no bags. You’re talking to each other. Loudly. I’m walking towards you. You’re walking towards me. We’re walking towards each other. I see you. You see me. We’re getting closer now. I’m still bagged up to the eyeballs. You’re still talking. We’re inches away from each other. We both see each other. I wait for the move. The silent sidestep. The fluid fallback. The effortless act of “we’ll-stop-taking-up-all-the-footpath-so-that-you-can-pass-by-without-being-forced-onto-the-road-or-into-the-nearest-hedge”. I wait for the move. I wait…

Needless to say, I don’t get the move. Not the courteous one anyway. No. I get the other move. The “we’ve-seen-that-you-have-loads-of-bags-but-we’re-not-gonna-move-over-instead-we’re-gonna-bump-into-you-forcing-you-onto-the-road-and-then-we’ll-give-you-evils-for-bumping-into-us” move. Classy.

I get treated to this every time I’m hauling bags back from town. And it’s not just overly vocal locals that elbow me into traffic or hedgerows and then chastise me for walking into them. Oh no. Buggy wielding mums, pavement hoarding cyclists, even the lone pedestrian with no visible distraction at all seem to be jumping on the ignorance bandwagon. I have bags people, and they are heavy. How hard is it for you to move over a little bit so that we can both walk freely along the pavement, without me being mowed down by a bus or ending up upside down in a holly bush? Really, how hard is it? The pavements are big enough for the both of us. Or so I thought. Street wars? Certainly down my street there are. You wanna mess with this? I got bags baby. And very pointy elbows. Bring it!

1 thought on “Street Wars

  1. I have to agree with you on that one!!!! Some people are selfish and rude. Has society just got more miserable or am I just old???? I helped a pregnant woman yesterday and she thanked me for being so kind. I didn’t think it was an act of kindness at all, I just thought it was a natural reaction to seeing someone struggling. Are people that un-kind nowadays or again am I just old??? I think there are a lot of bad mannered people out there and it makes me feel quite sad that someone didn’t even offer to help you mate. Just plain rudeness if you ask me lol x

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