Looky looky… I have a website!

(And cue the fanfare) …da da-da-da da!  I have a website!  Yes.  That’s right.  Silly little me, with my very own website.  Ooo, isn’t it shiny? :D.

So, hello internet folk, and welcome :).  Come in, make yourself comfy, and settle in for erm… um… hmm…?  Well, what, exactly?  Good question!  What is “A Slice of Cuplet”?  Well, I’m Cuplet (don’t worry, I’ll explain the nickname later), and recently a friend described my tweets as “random, amusing, and cake related”.  Yup.  That pretty much sums up what tumbles out of my head.  So I think it’s a safe bet to say much of the same will be on the cards for my blog… only without the restriction of 140 characters :).  So, if you like random, and amusing, and cake, then stick around.  Oh yeah, and that’s me in the photo.  Sitting in Brooklyn Bridge Park.  In New York.  In the gorgeous September sunshine.  You know, in case you were wondering…  Good.  Glad we got that out of the way.  Right, no more messing around.   I best get blogging…

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