On the fifth day of Marcothon…

this Cuplet gave to thee…
5 running tweeeeeeeets
4 shooting cramps
3 stit-ches
2 poorly tums
And a Cuplet with a big tree

So, I’m five days into the @themarcothon challenge and it hasn’t been the best start. On day one I got the lurgy (thanks husband), by day three this had been joined by agonising stomach cramps and sickness, which made any movement painful, so running probably wasn’t the best idea.  But I went anyway.  I wouldn’t be defeated by a bit of a sniffle and a touch of tummy nastiness.  It was hard as hell though, and definitely not a pretty sight (sorry locals).  Day five has seen me return to my local run club, taking on my longest run since September – 5k round the back streets of my town, weaving in and out of stray commuters.  It was cold.  And dark.  And I was the last back to the shop.  In short, it was AWFUL.  But I did it, albeit rather slowly – 5k in 35 mins or so.  And I’ll admit it, it was nice to see the guys at the club again.  Especially my friend Rachel (you may remember her from The Code Runner post).  She, like my virtual coach @jjbowie, has tried everything to get me back to run club, ending with pleading texts so sweet I ended up tweeting them.  Erm, yeah, sorry Rach, didn’t mention that did I?  Oops!  Totally unrelated, but just wanted to say congrats to Rach, who recently qualified as a run team leader :D.  Awesome work mate, so proud of you!  Right, back to my point… I’ve not missed the running at all, but I have missed the group :).  Big up the Sweatshop Running Community!  Oh man, I so can’t get away with saying “big up” can I?!  Oh well.  Moving on…

It’s been tough, getting back into running.  I knew it would be.  I haven’t so much as looked at my trainers in 3 months, let alone put them on.  If I’m totally honest, the bare minimum 25 minute rule for the Marcothon challenge has pushed me harder than I’d thought.  Ok, I’ve been a bit under the weather, but regardless, it’s been a struggle.  Checking out the tweets of fellow marcothoners is a bit of a double-edged sword too.  It’s cool seeing how many people are taking part, and it’s keeping me motivated.  But perhaps not in the right way.   Unlike me, who’s struggling to reach the 25 minute marker, wheezing and keeling over and throwing up (ok, that might have been down to the bug rather than the running), these guys aren’t just phoning it in.  Oh no.  They’re clocking up proper miles!  That’s kinda hard for me to read.  You see, I’m a little bit competitive.  I’ll admit it.  It’s sheer bloody mindedness on my part really.  If they’re doing it, what can’t I?!  Um, well Cups, it’s because they are marathoner runners/ultra runners/regular runners/haven’t-just-had-three-months-off runners?  Yeah?  And it’s not a competition.  It’s a challenge.  For yourself.  So it doesn’t matter if they’re running farther or longer than you does it?  You getting that?  Is it sinking in?  Nope.  Didn’t think.  Stupid psyche :).  I’m only 5 days in, so it can only get better right?  Right?!  Bring on days 6-10.  I’m limbering up already…

2 thoughts on “On the fifth day of Marcothon…

    1. well there’s some argument within the ranks on the actual time. some say i clocked in around 40 mins. But Rach insisted it was more like 35. Her way sounded better 🙂

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