On the tenth day of Marcothon…

this Cuplet gave to thee…
10 toes-a-frozen
9 painful stretches
8 winds-a-gusting
7 chums-a-cheering
6 joints-a-creaking
5 running tweeeeeeeets
4 shooting cramps
3 stit-ches
2 poorly tums
And a Cuplet with a big tree

Hurrah! Day ten and I’m still alive! Just.

Nine sessions of the minimum 25 minute run, one gruelling 5k with my run club – up a frickin’ hill in the pitch black I might add – and after the first 10 days, I’ve covered 23.2 miles. Hmm. Doesn’t sound too shoddy when you put it like that, does it?  Sounds even better in kilometres: 37.3k! Still tough going, and the weather hasn’t helped. December probably isn’t the best month to start getting back into running.  Oh well, you live and learn :).  I’m committed now (or should that be I need committing now?!), so just suck it up and get on with it Cups!  The good news is, there’s been no major disasters injury wise.  No blisters or chaffing in delicate areas.  I did get blown into a tree on day 8, which resulted in a few bruises, but that happens all the time right?  Days 11-15 – bring ’em on!

2 thoughts on “On the tenth day of Marcothon…

  1. Hey cups, can’t believe you’re not enjoying yourself!!!! Lol. Take it easy, don’t over do it. See you Monday xx

    1. Oh, is my non-enjoyment coming across then? I thought I was being quite subtle about it :). Will def see you Monday, may even have been into the shop and bought stuff today… x

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